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When the all-new VW Tiguan and Atlas show up on the Chapman VW Tucson showroom floor later this year, they’ll bring with them America’s best SUV warranty. The 2018 Tiguan and Atlas will have a 6-year/72,000-mile transferable bumper-to-bumper warranty that far exceeds any competitor’s coverage. “We specifically designed and built the all-new Atlas and Tiguan for American customers. This warranty further addresses the needs of American buyers head-on,” according to VW America CEO Hinrich J. Woebcken. “We’re confident in the reliability and workmanship of these SUVs and we want our customers to be confident in their purchase. We believe this warranty will lead to reduced cost of ownership for Volkswagen owners.”

Includes Coverage on Engine, Transmission and All-wheel Drive

The 6-year/72,000-mile warranty not only includes components such as air conditioning, electronics and basically anything between the two bumpers, but also the expensive powertrain, including the engine, transmission and all-wheel drive system. Most competitors only offer a 3-year/36,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty with powertrain coverage up to 5 years and 60,000 miles. Aside from providing much longer coverage, Volkswagen allows owners to transfer their warranty to a new owner, adding resale value to the Tiguan and Atlas.

New Tiguan Longer Than Predecessor

The 2018 Tiguan is almost 11 inches longer than the previous model, offering flexible seating for five with a second row that’s easily adaptable for people or cargo. “The new Tiguan demonstrates how we plan to give American customers the usability and versatility they demand without sacrificing style or Volkswagen’s trademark driving dynamics,” Woebcken said. The new Tiguan offers a whole suite of driver assistance technology, designed to help avoid collisions. Optional 4Motion all-wheel drive gives you complete control during the worst driving conditions. The new VW Tiguan is powered by a 2.0L turbocharged engine, paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission to deliver the best performance and fuel mileage.

Full-size Atlas Built in Tennessee

The all-new VW Atlas full-size SUV is built at VW’s Chattanooga, Tennessee plant, boosting the local economy and providing hundreds of jobs. The new Atlas is roomy and powerful, designed to quench the American thirst for big SUVs. “This is the biggest and boldest Volkswagen we have ever built in the United States, delivering the distinctive design and craftsmanship we’re known for, now with room for seven,” Woebcken said. See the new Tiguan and Atlas for yourself and take a test drive this fall when they arrive at Chapman VW Tucson.

GTI Owners Gather at Worthersee

Owning VW Means You’re Part of the Club

There are few automakers that have created more iconic masterpieces where owners want to be part of a club than Volkswagen. The GTI is a prime example, where one of the largest gatherings of VW owners occurs every year at Worthersee, a tourist location in Austria. Since 1981, VW GTI owners have been gathering here to celebrate all things GTI, renting out all accommodations for miles around, and gathering to share VW stories, make new friends and share a passion for all things Volkswagen. You can find your passion for German engineering by taking a trip to Chapman VW Tucson.

VW Club of America Launches in 1955

What was originally a club for owners of the Beetle, the VW Club of America began in 1955 and eventually expanded to allow owners of other Volkswagens to join. Members of the club gather several times a year across the nation to swap parts and stories, admire each other’s VWs, showcase driving skills and make new friends. The literal translation of Volkswagen is the “People’s Car,” an appropriate moniker for a vehicle that brings so many people together.

Arizona Bus Club Dedicated to Transporter

The Arizona Bus Club is a family-oriented organization that’s dedicated to enjoying, preserving and showing classic examples of the VW bus. The group offers many events during the year, camping in the desert and mountains and even the California coast. Every year the group restores a bus and raffles it off in the September Jerome Jamboree. A camping trip to Four Peaks is scheduled this spring, with a Northern Arizona Trail Bash slated for May 5-6. For more information, visit the ABC website.

Arizona VW Club Welcomes All

The Arizona Volkswagen Club primarily focuses on off-roading, although it would welcome volunteers to head up street and drag racing divisions. While it would probably be more fun if you have a VW, they welcome anyone to come check out the events. The “400 Miler” run is coming up in mid-May, where participants will trek over 400 miles of off-road trails starting out on Four Peaks and heading to the Mogollon Rim and then back to Cave Creek. Another run in Flagstaff is scheduled for July 4th, which you can check out here. If you don’t already have a VW, the new Golf Alltrack makes a great choice for off-roading. Check it out today at Chapman VW Tucson.

Future of VW Style Coming in All-new Arteon

Combines Luxury Space With Hatchback Versatility

Volkswagen recently unveiled it’s all new flagship sedan, the Arteon, which the company says is the future of the company’s styling philosophy. The design is based on a concept GTE released in 2015 and will replace the CC in the company’s lineup. “The car looks simply great – it arouses emotions and creates desirability,” according to Volkswagen executive Dr. Elmar-Marius Licharz. “Many of the details of the show car have made it into production.” The Arteon will first be released in Europe, then eventually make its way to the United States. Stay in touch with Chapman VW Tucson for an arrival date.

Fastback Design Provides Large Cargo Space

When compared to the CC, the VW Arteon is wider, longer and the sloping fastback design makes room for a real hatchback trunk. With the rear seats folded down, it provides up to 55 cubic feet of cargo space. A shoulder line runs the entire length of the car, delivering both aerodynamic performance and an aggressive look that’s in concert with the Arteon’s sporty nature. Although the engine choices haven’t been announced for the U.S., Europe’s version of the Arteon will offer six potential choices paired with either a seven or six-speed transmission. VW’s 4Motion all-wheel drive will be available, providing greater control on the track and in inclement weather. “It’s the perfect car for people who appreciate great style and great value for money,” according to Licharz. “That is how we are challenging premium car makers without becoming one ourselves.”

No Lack of Technology in Arteon

As you might imagine, a new vehicle in the 21st century will be loaded with modern technology. The Arteon certainly isn’t lacking in that department, featuring VW’s 12.1-inch digital cockpit that works together with a heads-up display to provide vital vehicle information in the driver’s line-of-sight. A 9.2-inch touchscreen powers the navigation, information and entertainment functions of the vehicle, utilizing gesture controls. The new VW Arteon also features an emergency assist system that will engage when the driver is ill or unconscious. It takes over control of the vehicle, moving it to the emergency lane and during on the hazards lights before stopping. Along with the full-size Atlas SUV, the Arteon is another exciting new vehicle coming from this vaunted German automaker. Check in often with Chapman VW Tucson to see when the new sedan will be available for a test drive.

Website Helps You Get to Know Your VW

Get the Inside View on Model of Your Choice

Pick a VW, any VW, and by heading to you can get all the information about the features, performance and components that make your VW one of the most popular vehicles in America. If you’re thinking about buying a new VW, you can go to Chapman VW Tucson and inspect the inventory, or you can narrow the choices down by getting a 360-degree view of any interior at the Know Your VW website. This remarkable technology lets you look up, down and sideways, zooming in on the bits that interest you the most. Click on the attached pointer and the website will take you to a short video explaining the functionality of a specific feature.

We Get It, There’s a Lot of Info

Modern Volkswagens are packed with so much technology that its hard to get a grasp of all of it during the delivery process. Although the pros at Chapman VW Tucson are happy to see you again to go over any information that may be fuzzy, it could be quicker for you to head to the Know Your VW website and click on any of a number of videos from how to set your clock to linking your phone to the Car-Net App-Connect System. You can watch the video as many times as necessary until you get the features down. Videos are available for all VW models from 2013 through this year.

Lost the User Manual? Head to the Web

Sometimes between the car, the house and the garage, a user manual can get misplaced. When that happens head to and get your hands on a quick start guide for all the models. Another function of the website is the Bluetooth Compatibility Checker. If you’re thinking of getting a different phone and want to know if Bluetooth will work with your VW, just go to the checker and enter in the information on your model VW along with the type of phone. You’ll know within seconds if that phone is compatible.

What if You Still Have Questions?

So you’ve watched all the videos and there are still a couple of questions that aren’t clear. You can always head back to Chapman VW Tucson where the sales pros are happy to take as much time as necessary to explain all your vehicle’s functions. Another option is to head to the Know Your VW website and click on the “Live Chat” button where a customer care representative is available seven days a week.

Large SUV Coming to America this Spring

Make sure and stay in touch with Chapman VW Tucson to be the first to take a test drive of the mighty VW Atlas SUV. This new addition to the full-size, three row SUV marketplace is designed to let people explore their adventurous side, while still providing a dependable family and cargo hauler for every day needs. The Weekender edition of the Atlas is a throwback to the old Vanagon and camper popup classics, with a pop-up cargo carrier of its own on the roof. The Urban Loader cargo box is small and sleek when empty, then expands to create a 17.7 cubic foot carrier that’s perfect for camping and outdoor adventure gear.

Pet Divider Keeps Animals Safe

The new Atlas Weekender edition also has a pet-friendly divider behind the second-row seats, making sure your animals can safely come along for the ride. The second row also includes a tablet mount for hands-free electronic use. VW’s media control software allows you to link the tablet to the infotainment system to play both audio and video. The Atlas Weekender also includes a tough trunk liner that also covers the back seat, all-weather mats, wheel locks and splashguards. The Weekender comes on the Atlas SEL Premium trim level, which includes a powerful 3.6L V6 engine and VW’s technologically advanced 4Motion all-wheel drive.

Make Your Life Big Again

Tired of crowding into tiny crossover or so called SUVs, then trying to unfold yourself once you arrive at your destination? The VW Atlas is designed to let you think big again, with plenty of room for seven adults and up to 96.8 cubic feet of cargo space. A variety of seat configurations let you haul all sorts of combinations of people and stuff, making you the most popular driver on the soccer team. The ability of the second row seat to fold and simultaneously slide forward makes getting in and out of the third row a breeze.

Technology Abounds in Atlas

Starting with the Volkswagen Digital Cockpit that lets you control what vehicle information you want to see, the VW Atlas has the latest in automotive technology. An 8-inch touchscreen display provides an easy view of all your communication, entertainment and navigation functions. The Driving Mode selector lets you fine tune the control of your new Atlas depending on your mood and driving conditions. Choose between Eco, Normal, Sport and Custom. See all the technology in action soon when the new VW Atlas arrives at Chapman VW Tucson.