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Today buying a car can lead to many questions and confusion, especially with how different the buying and leasing experience can be. Typically, if you were to purchase a new car than you would make a down payment and finance the remaining cost. At the end of the term you would than own that car. Leasing on the other hand is much like renting, with your payment going towards the car’s depreciation value. If the lease includes a purchase option, you have the ability to buy the car at the end of the defined lease period. But which option is better? That depends on the person’s needs and specific situation. Here are some advantages and disadvantages to both:

Leasing Disadvantages

With leasing equity is never gained on the car. Even if the car was to be bought at the end of the contract, it would cost more than if it had just been bought outright in the first place.

Leases are also restrictive. If the yearly mileage limit is exceeded there is fine. The car also must be taken excellent car of, any nicks or dings, cost a wear and tear fee. Also it is difficult to get out of a lease early if driving needs or financial circumstances change.

Leasing Advantages

In the short-term leasing can be advantageous. The monthly payments on a leased car are usually a lot smaller than that of a loan, even if opting for a luxury model. The down payment usually works out to be less as well. A typical lease is about three years so most repairs are covered by factory warranty. Sales tax is cheaper and you only pay it on the financed portion. There is also the benefit of being able to drive a new car every few years, and the benefit of never having to hassle with selling it.

If leasing, be sure to check out some of the great Volkswagen Tucson deals such as: a 36-month lease on a 2012 Volkswagen Jetta Sedan S for only $137/month, or a 36-month lease on a 2012 Volkswagen Beetle 2.5L for only $179/month, or finally a 36-month lease on a 2012 Volkswagen Tiguan S for $212/month.

Buying Disadvantages

Down payments can cost a substantial amount of money. Monthly payments are usually much higher than that of a leased car and once your warranty expires, maintenance costs can be sizeable as well. Trading or selling is much more of a process and as an overall investment new cars depreciate in value, essentially costing the buyer money.

Buying Advantages
When buying a car the car becomes a possession. It is now free to be customized and driven however anyone would like, penalty-free. Rather than having infinite payments, there is a finish line, and eventually the car will be paid off. If chosen to, the car can be sold at any time and there is no contract tying the consumer to the car.

If you are considering buying, some great new VW Tucson deals include: 2012 Volkswagen Jetta for only $16,749, or a 2012 Volkswagen GLI Autobahn for $26,799, or finally a 2012 Volkswagen Beetle 2.5L for only $19,983.

Volkswagen has released their Summer/Spring DriverGear collection, which is various accessories, clothing items, and other VW endorsed items you can buy. There are categories such as Mens, Ladies, Hates, Lifestyle, Sport and Collections. Each category has an array of different items to choose from at different price levels that everyone can afford. There is also an online catalog to look through that makes browsing fun and easy.

In the Mens section there are options like Tees, Polos & Shirts, Hoodies & Sweatshirts and more.  There is everything from IZOD, Lacoste, and Callaway brand polos that range from low $40.00s to $87.95. VW also has some great shoes for men from the Classic Flip Flops which are only $29.95 to suede slippers which are also only $29.95. There is hoodies, fleeces, rain ponchos, and sweatshirts with various designs and of course an arrangement of t-shirts to choose from. One item that stood out was a pair of VW branded Oakley sunglasses that were $100.00. Any of these items would be greatly appreciated by any VW enthusiast.

The Ladies category has similar sub-sections as to the Men’s department but with lower prices. There is everything from cool v-neck t-shirts that are bright, fun and very girly to basic tanks and tees that run from about $12 to about $20. There are vintage inspired tees, sweatshirts, and hats; there is even a shirt that was once a soda bottle. The shirt retains its original color and is made from recycled plastic PET, there are no chemical dyes and the yarn is ring spun for a soft feel. There are also neat purses and totes and other fun ladies only items all branded, of course, with the VW emblem. Any Volkswagen Tucson woman would love the selection of items.

In the kids section you can find something for kids of almost any age. There are VW soccer balls, footballs, and plush toys as well as other toys. Volkswagen also features clothing for kids as young as infants but still offers toddler and small children sized clothing as well. There is even a Color It Yourself tee.

The Lifestyle section offers all sorts of accessories and items such as keychains, drinkware, tech tools, jewelry, sunglasses, outdoor, signs, pets, and games and toys.  There are literally hundreds of items to search through from beach cruisers to office chairs any VW branded item you can think of is probably in this section.  One neat item was a repurposed tire bracelet that is not only environmentally friendly but also stylish. The bracelet is made from recycled tires and metal from Volkswagens the bracelet is only $12.95.

The Sport and Collections categories feature brand and car specific items. Such as tee shirts with your specific car of choice on it (i.e Jetta, Touring, CC, etc), license plate covers, and other accessories. For any of these items you can check out the DriverGear website from Volkswagen or head to your local Arizona VW Dealer to place an order for any VW lover!