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Volkswagen GTD

Since the introduction of the Volkswagen Golf GTI in the 1970s, the VW line of sporty hatchbacks has remained the benchmark for the “hot hatch” industry.  The Volkswagen brand is known for its innovation and near-perfect engineering, although many such innovations have been trapped in Europe-only models because the word “diesel” does not sit well with U.S. consumers.  Tucson Volkswagen customers may soon learn from the masters of clean diesel if Volkswagen decides to bring the Volkswagen GTD to American shores.

For many stateside automobile aficionados, “diesel” conjures up images of big, smelly trucks, glowplugs, and most importantly (and incorrectly), inefficiency.  It may come as a surprise that some experts believe that diesel fuel, not hybridization, is the best way to balance efficiency and performance while making the smallest environmental impact possible.  Volkswagen’s (hopefully) forthcoming introduction of the Volkswagen GTD to the Chapman Volkswagen lineup could turn the green automobile market on its head.

Sold in Europe as a compliment to the Golf GTI, the GTD runs on the power of clean diesel – to the tune of an estimated 40 highway miles per gallon.  Taken into consideration with the added bonus of a turbocharged inline 4-cylinder power plant that produces 170 horsepower and a scorching 258 lb-ft of torque as reported by Automobile Magazine, 40 miles per gallon is a striking number, indeed.  Little is known about the possible changes that Volkswagen would make to the GTD for the U.S. market, but it seems likely that those changes would include careful tuning and the inclusion of the latest technology.

Of course, the GTD offers everything that makes the GTI worthy of the VW badge: eye-catching styling, sharp handling, reliability, and, most importantly, fun!  If Volkswagen decides to bring the GTD to the domestic market, our understanding of the word “diesel” may rapidly change.

To learn more about the Volkswagen GTD, the Golf GTI, or any other offering, call or visit your Tucson VW dealer.

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Volkswagen is known for their famous ads that feature pets, and we’re sure tons of our fans have pets that are just as awesome. So we have created a contest to show off all of our fans pets! All you have to do is ‘like’ the Chapman Volkswagen of Tucson Facebook page, click on the ‘HOWL-o-ween’ Pets and Volkswagen Contest application, and submit a picture of your dog with your Volkswagen. Any type of pet will be accepted, but the picture must feature a Volkswagen. In the spirit of Halloween we encourage pets to be in costume but it is not required. The pictures will be uploaded onto an album on the Facebook page and other fans will be able to vote on their favorite pictures. Each ‘like’ on a picture will equal $1 to be donated to Southern Arizona Humane Society, up to $1,000. The fan with the MOST likes on their picture will receive a free Volkswagen Pet Swag Bag. The prize bag will include a leash, collar, pet accessory set, and dog toy ($50 value).

The Humane Society of Southern Arizona is a completely non-profit (501 (c) 3) organization that relies on donations to be able to continue all of the amazing work it does for pets in need, and Chapman VW wants to help! They do not receive any monies from national humane associations or from United Way Agency. The Humane Society of Southern Arizona also provides many other services besides just pet adoption services. For instance they also provide pet vaccinations and spay and neuter services to all pets in southern Arizona. HSSA can also license your pet with Pima Animal Care Center and microchip your pet to increase your chances of reuniting if it is lost. There are minimal fees involved in the above services. We also have a community outreach department, lost and found department, grief support, training advice and cremation and euthanasia services.

HSSA is your local animal adoption organization and works without support from national organizations, and they need your help raising money! So participate in Chapman Volkswagen  Tucson’s ‘HOWL-o-ween Pets and Volkswagens’ contest for a  fun and easy way to show your support!