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Its not that easy being green. When Kermit the Frog lamented about his sad state, it was back in the 70s and the references were about self-acceptance. Today, being green means anything from ditching your plastic water bottle in favor of a reusable tumbler to buying the latest eco-friendly vehicle. And for Gina Murphy-Darling, aka “Mrs. Green,” it means driving her new Jetta TDI clean diesel from Chapman VW of Tucson and inspiring others to make positive, sustainable, lifestyle changes.

As Mrs. Green, Murphy-Darling uses social media, radio, podcasts, workshops and partnerships with businesses like Chapman VW of Tucson to get the word out about sustainable living. She drives a new Volkswagen 2013 Jetta TDI, which features one of the cleanest diesel engines on the market. It uses a NOx storage catalyst, which holds the emissions in a reservoir until they can be burned off by the engine. This not only neutralizes emissions and filters out diesel particles, it helps achieve great gas mileage – in Tucson or on the highway.

“It cost (my husband and I) $37 to drive from northeast Tucson to downtown San Diego,” said Murphy-Darling. “We did not have to stop for gas, and it was smooth sailing the entire way.”

Taking a common-sense approach to sustainable living is what Murphy-Darling hopes to inspire in others. Her mantra – “we don’t tell you what to think, we just want you to” – isn’t harsh and judgmental, as some green messages are, but meant to allow others to use some common sense when it comes to sustainable living. Simple tips – such as connecting with the natural world, unplugging electronics at night, and buying reusable beverage cups are easy, inexpensive ways to conserve energy, resources, and save money. Shopping and eating locally also are ways to promote a sustainable community, she said.

“The (easiest thing) is stop using plastic water bottles. They are not cheap, and you have no guarantee that the water is actually pure,” Murphy-Darling said. “Keeping your car tuned up and taking out any unnecessary ‘stuff’ – (like golf clubs!) – uses less gas. And take your reusable bags to all stores – not just the grocery store.”

Companies, like the Tucson Volkswagen dealer where she got her Jetta, are embracing sustainable living by offering fuel-efficient and hybrid vehicles, ride-sharing and encouraging recycling. The University of Arizona is a leader in sustainability research and has created campus recycling programs at all of its locations. Information portals, like and offer tips, blogs, FAQs and links designed to help make sustainable living common sense and easy to accomplish. For Murphy-Darling, it all goes into creating a community legacy for future generations to follow.

“I hope I will be remembered for connecting big green dots in every area of sustainability you can imagine,” she said. “ . . .That I was part of creating a global community of people who care about the planet inside and out. I would love ‘Ask Mrs. Green about . . .’ to be at the top of everyone’s mind when it comes to questions about how our actions impact the earth.”

For more information on sustainable living, visit, or look for her on Facebook/ Twitter. For information on clean diesel vehicles, visit Chapman Volkswagen of Tucson online at

images (17) According to Edmunds, production of the Volkswagen Routan minivan will end later this year with the 2014 model. Unfortunately for Volkswagen, the minivan had little success as it was very similar to competitors in its class. But looking forward, the Routan is expected to be replaced with a seven-passenger crossover based on the Volkswagen CrossBlue concept that was first displayed at auto shows in 2013. volkswagen_crossblue_f34_13-de-as_111131_600   Volkswagen will likely offer several different engine options, including gasoline, diesel and a possible diesel-electric plug-in option. The CrossBlue concept featured a highly innovative plug-in hybrid that combines a clean diesel engine with two electric motors, a dual-clutch automatic transmission, and an electric all-wheel-drive system. It will also run in zero emissions mode either at the press of a button or automatically. Visit Chapman VW for more details. The SUV will likely be a plug-in diesel-electric hybrid with two electric motors and up to 14 miles of pure electric range, is expected to achieve up to 35 mpg once the electric range runs out. The overall average will be the equivalent of 89 mpg. Interior features of the new crossover will likely be luxurious and versatile and equipped with six individual seats in three rows. It is expected that the second row will have the option of three seats

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to give it a full seven seats with the third row featuring stadium-style seating. Headroom is expected to be outstanding throughout the vehicle with 42.4 inches up front, 40.2 inches in the middle, and 37.6 inches in the rear. Legroom will also be generous with 37.3 inches in the second row and 36.1 inches in the third row. Behind the third seating row is a spacious cargo area. As for technology, a 10.2-inch touchscreen will be positioned centrally on the center console. The large touchscreen will be used to control all entertainment and hands free functions and to access the status of the hybrid system. For more information on the new VW crossover, visit Volkswagen Tucson.