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Volkswagen Beetle Convertible R-Line

With the holiday season quickly approaching, there are numerous must-have accessories for your Volkswagen. Whether you need to give someone a few ideas as to what you’d like, or are shopping for the Volkswagen aficionado in the family, below are the top five-must have accessories for any Volkswagen. Be sure to check Chapman Volkswagen Tucson for the latest in parts and accessories.


Buying a new set of rims to set your ride apart from the other Volkswagens is essential. While prices for rims vary between $200 and $700, depending on your car, they are necessary for anyone who wants to spruce up their vehicle.

Car Care Products

Keeping any car in pristine condition is difficult. That’s why any Volkswagen owner would love any of the numerous products offered by Volkswagen that are designed to clean and protect their car. From interior cleaners to exterior protectants, any product will surely find use the next time the car needs cleaning.

iPod Connectivity

Not every car comes with a sweet hookup for your iPod. With music taking the digital form and CDs going the way of the cassette tape, ensuring your ability to still enjoy hours of music should be a top priority.

Floor Mats

Protecting the interior of one’s car is never easy. Tracking in mud, snow, dirt, and other particulates is common with daily use. While it is impossible to keep the inside of a car clean, buying heavy duty all weather floor mats is a great way to make sure cleaning a car is a little easier. They won’t fade like conventional carpeted mats, and are easier to clean with just some soap and a scrub brush.


What is a truly must-have accessory for your Volkswagen is an exhaust. They come in various shapes and sizes, which allows for maximum customization. You can purchase a full exhaust system that adds horsepower and increases fuel economy, or just change the exhaust tip at the end for a cleaner look. This is a great way to change the look and sound of car at an affordable price.

You can find these and other Volkswagen parts and accessories at your local Volkswagen dealer.


Buying your first car is an exciting time. You’ve probably spent time thinking about what make and model you’d like, which color you will pick, and which options you’ll add to make your first car your own. One thing you might not have been as excited to choose is your first auto loan. There are many options out there, and lining up the loan to purchase your first car can be overwhelming. Let’s walk through what you’ll need to do before you start daydreaming about long road trips.

Build your credit score

If you’ve never bought anything on credit, you’ll want to first build your credit score. A credit score shows lenders how responsible you are when it comes to repaying your loans. A good way to build credit is to open a store credit card. Keep your spending under 50% of the cards limit and pay off the balance in full each month. After about six months, this practice will build your credit rating to a good level for securing an auto loan.

Get pre-approved

Research available lenders and their rates. Your local bank or credit union likely offers auto loans. This doesn’t require you to borrow from them, but does make the process easier. Chapman VW Tucson also offers financing and you can get started by requesting a quote for Volkswagen financing online!

Pick the right vehicle

Choosing a certified pre-owned car is a great way for first-time buyers to get a great value. These cars are inspected and usually have limited warranties, so you know you’re getting a vehicle that performs well. Because the price point is lower on used cars, loans may be easier for the first time buyer to obtain.

Have cash in hand

To get the best rate on a first-time auto loan, you’ll want to have at least a 20% down payment. This allows you to qualify for a secured loan. Lenders like to see you “put your money where your mouth is” and when you have a larger down payment, they see it as a sign that you are less likely to default on your loan.

Have a co-signer

If you are unable to meet the minimum requirements for getting an auto loan, you can still buy a car with a co-signer. This is usually a relative with established credit history who will vouch for you. The loan will still be in your name and it is your responsibility to pay. Payments will also be added to your credit history.

Now, it’s time to head to Chapman VW Tucson to pick out your perfect first car!


Diesel powered cars are finally hitting the mainstream as dealerships like Chapman Volkswagen Tucson continue to sell Volkswagen’s clean diesel TDI vehicles.

When you think of a diesel-powered car, images of soot-emitting semi-trucks clogging highways instantly comes to mind. That is because diesel engines have rarely been employed by American auto makers, and when they have done so, they have done so poorly.

Decried as smelly, environmentally unfriendly, and often easily compared to dirty diesels of yesteryear, diesel engines face enormous hurdles as they try to find their way into American driveways today.

Thankfully, those old adages can be forgotten due to Volkswagen’s very fuel-efficient TDI clean diesel technology. Volkswagen began manufacturing diesel engines in the early 2000s, and their expertise is seen in their perfect execution of diesel engines on sale today.

Volkswagen offers seven models with their TDI clean diesel technology. A Volkswagen TDI vehicle packages excellent fuel economy with tried-and-true German engineering, quality, and reliability—three things the American public looks for in their vehicles.

TDI vehicles use clean diesel technology to reduce sooty emissions by up to 90 percent while achieving up to 43 miles per gallon in fuel efficiency—much better than comparable gasoline powered vehicles. American consumers are finally noticing the combination of efficiency, cleanliness, and reliability.

Volkswagen’s TDI technology is part of their larger Think Blue initiative. Their goal is to create and encourage eco-conscious products and behaviors. With their TDI technology, though, they also create very engaging vehicles to drive.

Diesel engines are known for providing ample amounts of torque during acceleration. With a diesel Volkswagen, you can have a car that is not only environmentally conscious and great on fuel economy, but a car that can also be very fun to drive. This is the wonder of Volkswagen’s clean diesel TDI technology; it is virtually two cars in one.

The package that Volkswagen offers in their TDI vehicles provides tremendous value and is helping surge diesel sales in America. Be sure to test drive a TDI Volkswagen at your local Tucson VW dealer for a truly transformative experience.