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2015-volkswagen-tiguan-sale (1)

Volkswagen is going to be mixing things up with the release of the 2015 Tiguan, the manufacturer’s small crossover SUV. The company hopes an updated version of the crossover will win back the hearts of American drivers to counteract a recent sales slump in the U.S. market for the German automaker. The 2015 Tiguan will also be hitting the streets in China, with the goal of winning that emerging market. The body style is getting an update, seven years after its first release. Customers of Chapman VW Tucson  will notice a boxier shape (similar to Volkswagen’s popular sedan, the Golf) to the vehicle as well as numerous updates under the hood and inside.

The Tiguan is based on a modular style, just like Volkswagen’s other vehicles. This allows for more versatility and will result in a slightly longer SUV for 2015, with most of that extra space being in the vehicle’s trunk. The rear seats slide, freeing up even more trunk space if needed. Despite the extra room, the 2015 Tiguan will still have seating for only five people, though VW hasn’t ruled out a larger SUV, which may be coming off the line in 2016 or 2017.

Design-wise, the 2015 Tiguan is heavily influenced by VW’s CrossBlue prototype, with chrome grilles, twin exhaust, a built-in spoiler and rear LED lights. The exterior is sporty, efficient and clean – as you’d expect from this German powerhouse. Inside, the Tiguan strives to feel as much like a sedan as possible, with comfortable seating and two or four wheel drive options.

Pricing should start around $24,000 and go from there for more options. Gas mileage is expected to mirror VW’s other vehicles and be a fuel sipper, getting 21 MPG in the city and up to 26 on the highway.

Rest assured that whatever the final version of Volkswagen’s 2015 Tiguan looks like, you’ll be able to find it at Chapman VW Tucson!