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Magazine Proclaims Marriage Built to Last

Like many relationships, the courtship between a driver and a new car starts out with the honeymoon phase but eventually goes downhill as the squeaks and rattles start to add up and the payment book never seems to get much thinner. Car and Driver took a Volkswagen Golf 1.8T TSI for an extended evaluation last year and it’s safe to say the bloom is not off the rose. The magazine’s editors first evidence of its love for the car came when it named the Golf to its 2015 10Best Cars list. Judges loved the “comfortable front seats, its premium cabin materials and look.” Now some 40,000 miles later, the Golf is as popular as ever with staffers, filling the bill both on long road trips and just commuting around the city. Take the Golf for a test drive by visiting Chapman VW Tucson.

Golf Takes Extended Road Trip

When Car and Driver takes a vehicle for an extended evaluation, frequently staffers have to be begged to use it on long road trips. No such problem with the Golf, which was the vehicle of choice for many drivers. “Road trippers appreciated the Golf’s comfortable suspension tuning, seemingly laser-guided steering, and quiet interior, which performed convincing impressions of a bigger car,” according to the Car and Driver review. The Golf saw more of the USA than many Americans, having visited Michigan, Illinois, New York, Wisconsin, Ohio, Virginia and Massachusetts. Powered by the 1.8L turbocharged engine, the Golf scored up to 36 mpg on the highway and a very respectable 29 mpg combined city and freeway driving.

VW Engineers Golf to a High Standard

Even after a number of different drivers subjected the Golf to the abuse of rough road conditions, even rougher driving, and inclement weather, the overall evaluation is that the little hatchback is a fun car to drive while still providing plenty of comfort. “The whole car seems engineered to a standard, not a price, a perception reinforced every time you open or close on of its solid-feeling doors, or wrap your fingers around the steering wheel contours shaped to perfectly accept human digits,” one editor wrote. Many reviewers agreed that if they had to pick just one car, “the Golf would be on their short list. As an automobile, it’s pure marriage material.”

Driver Assistance Features Available on Golf

If you’re looking for a safe hatchback to take on long trips or just deliver the kids to school, you can’t go wrong with a Volkswagen Golf. The entire VW suite of driver assistance features is available on the Golf. These sensor and camera-driven features warn you of an upcoming crash and even take action to help you avoid the wreck. Head to Chapman VW Tucson for a complete explanation of how all this new technology will help keep you and your precious cargo safe.

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chapman VW tucson

From Golf to Passat, All Earn Top Safety Pick Plus

When the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gives their highest award, the Top Safety Pick Plus, to five of the cars in an automaker’s lineup, you know safety is a high priority. Volkswagen is celebrating that award being placed upon the 2016 Golf, Golf GTI, Golf SportWagen, Jetta and Passat. When outfitted with the sensor-driven Front Assist safety feature, all five vehicles passed the IIHS tests with flying colors. Volkswagen has a large selection of driver assistance safety technology that will help you get your family and friends to the intended destination without injury. Get a thorough explanation of how they all work with a trip to Chapman VW Tucson.

Front Assist Avoids Rear-end Collisions

With the Forward Collision Warning System that is part of Front Assist, your vehicle will warn you if it senses a possible collision with the car in front. If you fail to react, the Autonomous Emergency Braking system will help stop the vehicle. Adaptive Cruise Control is another feature that not only helps you avoid a collision, but will apply the brakes if necessary when you’re tooling down the highway. When you get too close to the car in front, it will slow down to maintain a safe distance, then resume normal speed when space is available. Lane Assist is another feature that warns you if you seem to be drifting in and out of your lane. This is a common problem on long road trips, especially at night when drivers become weary.

Monitors Alert When Obstacles Threaten

Both Blind Spot Monitor and Rear Traffic Alert issue an audible warning when a vehicle, pedestrian or some unknown object are in the way of your movement. Blind Spot Monitor picks up movement when you are attempting to change lanes, helping you avoid those cars that are hidden in that unseen spot near the rear quarter panel. Rear Traffic Alert picks up vehicles and pedestrians that might come across your path as you back up. Along with alerting you, this system will also apply the brakes if necessary.

VW Car-Net Offers More Safety and Security

VW Car-Net, the connectivity service that provides streaming music, hands-free connectivity and navigation, also offers safety and security features for your peace of mind. Along with providing a way to find your lost car through your smartphone, it also calls for help if there is a collision or other emergency and provides a detailed health report on your car. Check out the entire VW inventory and get a thorough explanation of all the safety features by taking a trip to Chapman VW Tucson.