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Golf R Performance Package Adds More Pop

Although the thoroughly nimble and extremely responsive VW Golf R already has enough pep and agility to satisfy most driver’s needs, Volkswagen is upping the ante with a Performance Package for the European 2018 model. Air curtains, a new rear spoiler, titanium exhaust and high performance brakes are all options on the upcoming model year Golf R, turning this mini-beast into a certifiable monster on the track. The Performance Package also disables the speed limiter, allowing the new version of the Golf R to hit 166 mph. Although the package won’t be available in the United States initially, be sure and stay in touch with Chapman VW Tucson to see if that changes.

Cut to the Chase Quickly

With a massive 292 horsepower delivering a dynamic thrill ride, the compact Golf R hatchback can go from 0 to 60 mph in under 5 seconds. The high-performance turbocharger delivers 280 pound-feet of torque while the sport-tuned suspension and Dynamic Chassis Control keeps you in charge as you power around corners. The adjustable damper valves in the Golf R shock absorbers let you fine-tune your way from comfort to aggressive handling. The 6-speed automatic transmission allows you to paddle shift up and down the gear range with just the touch of a finger. Add the 4Motion all-wheel drive system and the VW Golf R automatically transfers torque between the front and back wheels as needed.

Cool Features Add a Sporty Touch

From the blue accent illuminated gauges to the dual exhaust with quad tips, the VW Golf R has a number of features that take sportiness to a different level. Sink into the bucket-style racing seats and let the large bolsters hold you firmly in place as you put the little hatch through its paces. From the moment you fire up the engine with the push-button start until you engage the parking brake at the end of your run, the VW Golf R unleashes a “fun-to-drive” feeling that’s unmatched in its category.

Technology Lives in VW Golf R

The days of performance cars providing an austere existence to drivers and passengers are long gone. Bare bones dashboards are now filled with classic infotainment systems, including a Fender Premium Audio system that delivers 400 watts of raw power in the VW Golf R. Use the App-Connect feature to plug in your smartphone and stream music, podcasts and books while using the communication features without ever taking your eyes off the road. The Golf R is also packed with driver assistance safety features. Be amazed at the power and innovation when you take a test drive at Chapman VW Tucson.

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