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GTI Owners Gather at Worthersee

Owning VW Means You’re Part of the Club

There are few automakers that have created more iconic masterpieces where owners want to be part of a club than Volkswagen. The GTI is a prime example, where one of the largest gatherings of VW owners occurs every year at Worthersee, a tourist location in Austria. Since 1981, VW GTI owners have been gathering here to celebrate all things GTI, renting out all accommodations for miles around, and gathering to share VW stories, make new friends and share a passion for all things Volkswagen. You can find your passion for German engineering by taking a trip to Chapman VW Tucson.

VW Club of America Launches in 1955

What was originally a club for owners of the Beetle, the VW Club of America began in 1955 and eventually expanded to allow owners of other Volkswagens to join. Members of the club gather several times a year across the nation to swap parts and stories, admire each other’s VWs, showcase driving skills and make new friends. The literal translation of Volkswagen is the “People’s Car,” an appropriate moniker for a vehicle that brings so many people together.

Arizona Bus Club Dedicated to Transporter

The Arizona Bus Club is a family-oriented organization that’s dedicated to enjoying, preserving and showing classic examples of the VW bus. The group offers many events during the year, camping in the desert and mountains and even the California coast. Every year the group restores a bus and raffles it off in the September Jerome Jamboree. A camping trip to Four Peaks is scheduled this spring, with a Northern Arizona Trail Bash slated for May 5-6. For more information, visit the ABC website.

Arizona VW Club Welcomes All

The Arizona Volkswagen Club primarily focuses on off-roading, although it would welcome volunteers to head up street and drag racing divisions. While it would probably be more fun if you have a VW, they welcome anyone to come check out the events. The “400 Miler” run is coming up in mid-May, where participants will trek over 400 miles of off-road trails starting out on Four Peaks and heading to the Mogollon Rim and then back to Cave Creek. Another run in Flagstaff is scheduled for July 4th, which you can check out here. If you don’t already have a VW, the new Golf Alltrack makes a great choice for off-roading. Check it out today at Chapman VW Tucson.

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