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If you were in your 20s in the 1960s, chances are you either were someone with a flower in your hair or you knew someone who wore a macramé vest over a tie-dyed shirt and smelled of incense. Chances also are that one of the people in your group drove a cute little VW Beetle, adorned with peace symbols and “make love, not war” bumper stickers. As a simple car designed for people who needed some reliable transportation on a budget, the Beetle has evolved over the years. You still see some adorned with flower stickers, but the 2018 VW Beetle is a far cry from what you drove in the 60s. With a peppy turbo engine, both heating AND air conditioning and the modern technology that today’s drivers crave, chances are you’ll go wild when you look over the new VW Beetle inventory at Chapman VW Tucson.

Same General Shape with Modern Design

The 2018 VW Beetle is generally the same shape as that one you remember from your youth, but modern design touches such as a rear spoiler, large alloy wheels, sport style bumpers and Bi-Xenon headlights bring the little Bug into the 21st Century. The interior pays homage to the vehicle’s lineage, with retro gauges that use modern technology to provide the essential vehicle information you need. A vintage glovebox design is another reminder of days gone by, but a leather-wrapped multi-function steering wheel, available V-Tex leatherette seating surfaces and customizable ambient lighting are all modern features that bring the Beetle up-to-date.

New 2.0L Engine Provides More Pep

For 2018, the VW engineers rolled out a new 2.0L turbocharged engine that would run laps around your old 1960s Beetle. With 174 horsepower and 184 pounds of torque, you’ll have no problem accelerating past trucks or merging onto a crowded freeway. The engine is not only powerful and fun, but it delivers 33 mpg on the highway. The only reason to stop on a road trip will be for a bathroom break or to pick up more incense.

Power to the People First Warranty

Another good reason to consider the VW Beetle as your next vehicle is the new People First Warranty that offers bumper-to-bumper coverage for 6 years or 72,000 miles, whichever comes first. That’s double the coverage of most manufacturers, showing Volkswagen has the confidence in the materials and craftsmanship of its entire lineup. Take some time to see what you’ve missed in the transformation of the VW Beetle by taking a test drive at Chapman VW Tucson today.

If you’re heading to the coast this summer for a yearly vacation, there are few better ways to get there than to drive a sporty VW Beetle Convertible. Now available for a test drive at Chapman VW Tucson, the Beetle convertible is affordable, sporty and a hoot on the highway. Imagine yourself driving up the coast with the top down and the wind in your hair while jealous minivan drivers wistfully watch and wish they were you.

Friendly Beetle Now Tech Savvy

While the friendly VW Beetle convertible still resembles the flower-power Bug of the 1960s, technology-wise this is an entirely different animal. With a power top that gently lowers the soft roof into its storage space, Bi-Xenon headlamps, modern gauges, and a 6-speed automatic transmission that lets you go into manual mode when you want to sow some wild oats, the new Beetle is a people’s car for the modern age. Powered by a 1.8L Turbo engine that has plenty of kick when you need it while still achieving 33 mpg on the highway, the Beetle Convertible has the zip to back up it’s sassy design. An infotainment system with VW Car-Net App-Connect lets you stream your favorite tunes, podcast or summer audio book while still maintaining connectivity with the outside world. Choose the premium 400-watt Fender Audio system and you’ll be the coolest cat on the beach, pumping out sounds to the beat of the crashing surf.

VW Engineers Didn’t Forget About Safety

Although the new VW Beetle Convertible is undoubtedly one of the coolest cars on the planet, the engineers didn’t forget to add an abundance of safety features. A rear-view camera pops out from under the VW badge on the back to help you avoid any unforeseen obstacles. Blind spot monitoring alerts you to objects in those areas that you often miss when changing lanes. VW’s Car-Net not only helps you find your Beetle in the massive parking lot at Disneyland, but also calls for help in the event of an emergency.

This is One Rigid Convertible

When it came to designing the new VW Beetle Convertible, the engineers took the rigidity up a couple of notches when compared to other soft-tops. Logically, convertibles are usually never as strong as hardtops for obvious reasons: hardtops have a solid roof with support structures helping to keep the two sides together. VW engineers sharpened their pencils and created a design with a protective safety cage in the Beetle Convertible, creating crash crumple zones while increasing the stability of the body. The net result is a safer convertible that helps protect the occupants during a crash. If it’s time for you to let your hair down and have a little fun, head to Chapman VW Tucson and take a test drive in the sport VW Beetle Convertible.

This is the Car That Smiles Back

The VW Beetle didn’t get the name “Love Bug” for nothing. From its connections to the free spirit movement of the 1960s and 70s to the fun, modern commuter you can buy today, the Volkswagen Beetle has been putting a smile on the faces of America for more than half-a-century. Although the old Bug was an inexpensive, reliable form of transportation for hippies and free thinkers alike, there were few creature comforts aside from an AM radio. Today’s Beetle is still dependable and fun, but is filled with a wealth of technological gizmos that will make your smile just a bit wider. Check out the Beetle inventory at Chapman VW Tucson today and take one for a test drive.

Features Moonglow Never Even Thought About

Chances are you wouldn’t have to look far back in the ‘60s to find someone named Moonglow wearing tie dye and driving a Bug. Moonglow would now be a grandparent who would love features like heated power side mirrors, a panoramic sunroof, Bi-Xenon headlamps and LED taillights. Moonglow, “Moonie” for short, would also be grooving on the new Beetle’s turbocharged engine and the soft-top convertible that goes from close to open with the touch of a finger. Heated front seats, touchscreen soundsystem and navigation would also blow Moonie’s mind. Safety features such as blind spot monitoring and the VW Car-Net telemetrics system that puts you in touch with an operator during an emergency are also things that weren’t even dreamed about 50 years ago.

Special Editions Recapture Old Magic

Taking the Bug to the beach meant a fun time was about to be has by all, with music, a bonfire and dance. The new Beetle Dune recaptures some of that magic with a cool aggressive stance, rear spoiler and Canyon alloy wheels. This take on the Baja Bug has all the modern features of other V-dubs, but with increased ground clearance so you skim over the speed bumps with ease. The Denim Beetle hearkens back to a time when blue jeans were the only thing anyone wore. The all-new #PinkBeetle (yes, the hashtag is part of the name) is just a fun, fresh look with Fuschia metallic paint and Pink Club cloth seatings. Get in touch with the pros at Chapman VW Tucson to see when you can get your hands on any of the special edition Beetles.

Fun Never Dies When You’re Driving a Beetle

With its 170-horsepower engine giving you all the power you need and the premium sound system cranking up the tunes, you’ll re-live the glory days as the owner of a new VW Beetle. There are plenty of unique colors, nickname badging and other accessories to make your new Bug a reflection of your personal lifestyle.


From Woodstock to Herbie, the Bug Spells Fun

Perhaps your sister had a VW bug when she would ferry you to the beach, or maybe in an earlier life you roamed the country following a band from festival to festival in an old “Flower Child” Bug. Maybe your only memory of a bug is Herbie in the popular Disney movies. Whatever your connection, the VW Beetle continues to be the perfect car for a little summer fun. With a 2-door coupe and convertible model, the Beetle is a unique vehicle with distinctive styling that draws a crowd wherever it goes. See the complete lineup of Beetles at Chapman VW Tucson.

Put the Top Down and Let the Wind Blow

There’s nothing quite as much fun as driving a convertible on a warm summer’s day. The Beetle convertible comes in three different trim packages that start at under $26,000. The Base S model comes with automatic headlights, leatherette seats and a USB port. Move up to the SE and you get push button start with keyless access, a touchscreen infotainment system and rearview camera. The top-of-the-line SEL comes with navigation, 18-inch disc wheels and a premium Fender concert sound system. All convertibles come with an automatic transmission. Add an optional wind deflector to make your rear seat passengers just a bit more comfortable.

1.8L Turbocharged Engine Provides Some Pop

Most Beetles come with a 1.8L turbocharged four-cylinder engine that delivers 170 horsepower. Step on the gas and this powerful engine produces 184 pound feet of torque, enough to propel you to 60 mph in just 7.6 seconds. The Beetle gets 34 mpg on the highway and has a combined city/highway rating of 28 mpg. Step up to the R-Line package and you get a turbocharged 2.0L engine that produces 210 horses. Despite the additional horsepower, the engine delivers 31 mpg on the highway.

Little Car Gets High Marks on Safety

With standard traction and stability control, antilock brakes and strategically placed airbags, the VW Beetle coupe received the top rating of five stars for overall and side crash protection from government tests. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety also gave its top rating for side impact and roof strength tests. Additional safety features include blind spot monitoring, rear traffic alert and automatic post-collision braking. A tire pressure monitoring system alerts you when one or more tires require inflation. If you’ve forgotten just how much fun a Beetle can be, take a trip to Chapman VW Tucson for a test drive.