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VW Concepts Kick Off Summer Enthusiast Season

To celebrate Volkswagen enthusiasts everywhere, the automaker recently unveiled a fleet of five show vehicles at an event in Savannah, Georgia. The VW Beetle, Jetta, Golf GTI, Golf R and Golf Alltrack all received a facelift with some impressive aftermarket accessories. Personalize your VW by visiting the aftermarket department of Chapman VW Tucson.

BMX Rider Inspires Beetle Concept

Alise Post, a title-holding BMX rider, was the inspiration behind the Beetle Post Concept. With two BMX bikes affixed to a roof rack, the VW Beetle proves to be the perfect vehicle to transfer your equipment for a Sunday ride. Mr. Drama Queen wheels provided some flair, while a special coil suspension system lowered the stance and made the friendly Beetle look a bit more aggressive. Designers added some special Habanero Orange paint and special lettering to round out the look.

Nardo Grey Jetta Offers Stealth Appearance

The Jetta GLI is a popular VW model, both for its performance and looks. The GLI delivers unexpected driving dynamics, so the designers went for more of a stealth appearance. They borrowed the Nardo grey paint color from Audi, which accentuates the lines of the vehicle while still remaining subdued. As this car moves from show to show, it will feature different sets of wheels.

Three Versions of Golf Make Fleet

The VW Golf Lineup is one of the most versatile in the VW domain, so it makes sense that three different models made the fleet concept lineup. The Golf GTI RS Concept utilizes a Rocket Bunny wide body kit to deliver a more muscular stance. A stripped down interior screams “race car,” but the aluminum trim, racing seats and other accents are true to the exterior look. Vossen wheels and a Thule carrier box round out the presentation.

The German flag is honored in the Golf R Heritage Concept, with a unique pin striping dissecting a circled racing number. A lower accent stripe grounds the look of the car, which also utilizes Vossen wheels. A lowered sport package brings the center of gravity down, helping reduce body roll when powering around hairpin corners.

The Golf Alltrack Country Concept starts with the newest member of the Golf family. The Alltrack already has the clearance and all-wheel drive necessary to take on trails, but the Concept Vehicle adds another 2-inch lift. Fifteen-inch wheels with all-terrain tires add to the beefy look of this vehicle. You can take a look at all the concept vehicles here to give you some ideas on how to modify your own VW. Check in with the aftermarket pros at Chapman VW Tucson for the best way to personalize your vehicle.

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